Get your movie business career started and become the most successful mogul of Hollywoods movie industry.
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Hollywood Studios let you run your own Movie-Production. You will try to enforce 13 competitive studios, aiming to become Hollywoods most successful producer.
- Create your own studio. Increase the performance of your studio by invest your money in more capable stages and backlots to produce even bigger and more successful blockbusters
. - Purchase Scripts or assign screenwriters to realize your own ideas.
- Assign actors and directors and determine the budgets for your movie-projects.
- Organize the marketing during the production process.
- Be thrilled once the first BoxOffice results be published.
- Produce several movie simultaneously to conquer your competitors.
- Special weeks: Keep an eye on special weeks such as Halloween, Christmas and Memorial Day while you schedule your movie-premiere to gain a more successful opening.
- Offline playable